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Sunday 19 January 2020



     A reliable supplier of high-quality products          


TOFICO has grown to a company founded in Tehran since the year 2000, equipped with highly sophisticated capability and capacity to provide all its support to the clients all over the big country Iran and also to the neighbor countries in the Middle East.

TOFICO is a reliable name in Scientific and Laboratory supply chain. It is built on a strong foundation of quality & service towards the customers. TOFICO's focus vision is all about being a quality manufacturer & successful distributor in scientific supplies.

We have more than a thousand customers in diverse range of fields with an offering of more than 5000 products from the world's finest manufacturers.

Our spectrum of services that is from the beginning to no limmited time, is including:

Before-sales consultation for choosing the best application-wise options.

Offering the best quality/price ratio fitted with client's needs.

Installation the systems together with training to operators.

No limmited maintanace support for all necessary spare parts.

Repair service for the systems wich are out of guaranty eighter bought from us or from the others.

Training courses, Seminars, Workshops for enhancing the customers' knowledge and skills based on the latest technological data.

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