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Sunday 19 January 2020





Repair and Maintenance Services

Sales Do Not Mean The End! It Is Beginning Of Our Commitment ”


Department of Technical Service of TOFICO is ready to support customers and centers all the time with its experienced personnel and having years of experience in after sales service of various laboratory equipments along with technical support of several large original companies.

Providing technical advices before purchasing, installation and training services and repairs of nearly all types of laboratory devices and equipments, are among the several services which our Technical Service Department offers.

Repair Services

Even the best machines have sometimes a problem and there is need to make a repair. It is obvious that during the repair process, the machine is virtually unusable, and part of the works in site can be interrupted. Hence smart customers when choosing equipments, put the after sales services department of the seller companies into their buying equations as one of the most important parameter.


Therefore, work speed, accuracy in service, parts supply capability, knowledge and experience, having technical and intellectual support of manufacturing companies, and finally using the initiative and innovation to reduce costs, are including factors which have great impact on the level of customers’ satisfaction from After Sales department of a company.


At our Technical Service Department, relying on years of experiences in Renovation and Maintenance together with being in consultation with original manufacturers, we are able to replace nearly any defected parts and make the instruments into operation in as shortest time as possible. 

Periodic Maintenance Services

Today’s service vision is being changed from "Breakdown Maintenance" to "Preventive Maintenance" and even "Predictive Maintenance"

This attitude change, as a result prevents from accidental and unpredicted call for services as during


periodic preventive/predictive maintenance service, we can check the operation of the device in its real working condition when it is working and before it stops working. That leads to less disruption of your normal daily activities so it prevents from wasting time and energy which are the main assets you own.


Also performing periodic services consequently increase the lifetime of the machine’s parts and prevents faulty components from their reaching to point of "no return" which can cause damage to other parts of the machine as well. So it decrease repair costs dramatically.


Hence, our Technical Service Department at TOFICO suggests you to have contract based on periodic three, six or twelve months visiting pattern. Nevertheless, our solitary general service on your request is always available. No matter if you bought the instrument from us or the other parties.



A message to other Distributor / Reseller companies:


Technical Service Department of TOFICO is ready to takeover repairing of the instruments which is referred to you, either sold by your company or the others.  


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