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Sunday 19 January 2020

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TOFIQ AZMAY ALLYA Company ( TOFICO ) with experienced personnel, having years of experience in after sales service of different types of laboratory equipment and offering technical support for several large manufacturing companies, is ready to help customers all the time.

Providing technical advices before purchasing, installation and training services and repairs of nearly all types of laboratory equipment are among the major services that our company offers.



Buying the best equipments without proper installation or incomplete training not only won’t help you but actually it would create new problems. Incorrect use of the device will result in lower quality and may cause equipment damage or reduce its lifetime or even can threaten the health and lives of the users. On the other hand, the skills and knowledge can be applied to all these negatives to make positives.




Hence the Technical Service Department at TOFICO has a special look into this matter; Giving intelligent and cost efficient solutions to fit the device adjustments for the needs with your lab; Teaching proper usage of the device to enhance the performance and to increase the lifetime; Being coordinated with the device manufacturers plus our years of work experience in training courses; And knowing the requirements and actual needs of laboratories are some kind of practical approach that we apply in practice.

A message to other Distributor/Reseller companies:

Technical service department of TOFICO , in a framework of cooperation contract, is ready to take over the installation & training service of the instruments which are sold by your company.  




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