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Sunday 19 January 2020



Consultation Services

TOFIQ AZMAY ALLYA Company ( TOFICO ) with experienced personnel, having years of experience in after sales service of different types of laboratory equipment and offering technical support for several large manufacturing companies, is ready to help customers all the time.

Providing technical advices before purchasing, installation and training services and repairs of nearly all types of laboratory equipment are among the major services that our company offers.



If you want to buy but you are reluctant between two or more, if you are searching in different catalogs but you are still missing . . . even if you do not intend to buy from us yet, you are more than welcome to consult with our technical experts. It happens sometimes that is not the most suitable device which is bought for a laboratory due to various reasons. The examples could be buying an expensive and sophisticated device for a simple application, or even purchasing but without considering current and future requirements.

In some cases by taking some key points into consideration, it is even possible to pay less for an instrument but achieve more efficient one. Or by means of a bit ingenuity and innovation, you can optimize the operation of the existing devices in your lab. We can share our ideas together.


In this regard, TOFIQ AZMAY ALLYA Company ( TOFICO ) either by in-person or telephone consultations and having a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the needs of laboratories and working conditions of the devices which is being used in the market can save your time, energy and money.

This is obtained during years of active participation in various projects for laboratories and practical familiarity with the problems of many different users.


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