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Sunday 19 January 2020


Welcome to our Business

Hereby, TOFICO announces its readiness to cooperate effectively with manufacturer and trader companies of Laboratory and Analytical equipments, consumables, materials and chemicals. We are able to introduce your estimable company together with your products in such an efficient and the quickest way. Our “Sales” and “After-sales” teams are all committed to the customers by their utmost supports leading to a promising good reputation of your “Name and Products” in our market.

TOFIQ AZMAY ALLYA. Ltd. (TOFICO) was founded more than a decade ago aimed to provide scientific products and technical services in order to meet the needs of scientifically specialized centers. Over the years the company has continued its efforts to identify the world's leading manufacturers of high quality laboratory products and had profound market researches and needs assessment of Academic, Industrial and Research centers in the geographic scope of its activities i.e. all over Iran. As a result, we are applying new methods to market our products and services by means of the latest technologies which are methodologically updated from time to time.

TOFICO benefits from the years of experience and also technical knowledge of its skilled manpower. Our organizational structure and number of sections comes with the following titles:

-          Department of Market research and needs assessment

-          Department of Advertising and Product Information

-          Department of  before-sales and projects Consultation

-          Department of Sales ( Divided into several market segments)

-          Department of  Service (installation, training, repairs and maintenance)

-          Department of intersectional collaboration for holding Workshops, Seminars and training courses.

-          Department of Research to develop new methods in specific laboratory fields.

 Relying on the standardized processes within the organization in each of the above mentioned department and also by using the best means for: data transferring, registration of orders, responding to requests, supporting the timely delivery of goods, the company provides good quality in such a quick and effective way.  This has increased the efficiency of our activities and satisfaction of our Customers.

Here are some Customer benefits of working to TOFICO as follows:

1-      Quality in the first place and no restrictions on the selection of new products and technologies as an added item to our products basket enabling us to meet every inquiry of the customers.

2-      Deployment of expert manpower with domain expertise in different departments structured to suit the market divisions.

3-      Carefully tailored to provide high quality products and good prices, because of immediate collaboration with major manufacturers and also considering of reasonable prices.

4-      Using any means necessary in order to provide better services and satisfaction, and maintain ongoing relationships with our customers as real partners.

5-      Adherence to ethical and honest proposals and solutions in a variety of sales and services.

In order to communicate with each other to coordinate the initials, please visit our contact us page on this website.



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